Lisa, hi…here’s our estimate for cleaning your home, along with our simple 2-step process for on-boarding new customers:

1. We’ll do an INITIAL cleaning of your home to get everything set for ongoing standard cleanings
2. We’ll do your next two STANDARD cleanings and average them together to set your price for future standard cleanings

Our initial cleaning is time-based, so if it takes us less time than the estimated minimum, we’ll only charge for the actual time spent cleaning.

Also, given your home has a lot of detail woodwork, accurately pricing our services is a bit challenging. We suggest starting with two regular cleanings (excluding the initial cleaning) and then reviewing them with you. This will ensure we allocate enough resources to consistently provide excellent cleaning. During this review, we can also discuss any necessary pricing adjustments.”

If everything looks okay, we can get back to you with open dates to do your initial cleaning.


Mike + Pilar Shirk


• 820 Happy Creek Lane, West Chester (approx. 3,432 sq. ft. + basement?)

1st Floor
• Entrance / hallway
• Stairs
• Guest bedroom / bathroom (on-demand)
• Hallway #2
• Office
• Mudroom
• Laundry room
• Master bedroom / walk-in closet (floor-only)
• Master bathroom
• Dining room
• Sunroom (on-demand)
• Kitchen
• Butlers pantry
• Pantry (floor-only)
• Family room

2nd Floor
• Hallway / open area
• Hallway bathroom
• Bedroom / office (left-side)
• Bedroom / office (right-side)

Basement (on-demand)
• Stairs
• Living area
• Gym room
• Bar / kitchen area
• Full bathroom


• Appliance exteriors cleaned
• Microwave exterior/interior cleaned
• Stovetop cleaned
• Sink(s) scrubbed, cleaned and dried
• Backsplash cleaned
• Spot wipe around cabinet handles, door bottoms
• Floors vacuumed / wet-mopped

• Bathroom vent fans vacuumed
• Tubs / showers scrubbed, cleaned and dried
• Toilets cleaned inside/out
• Sinks scrubbed, cleaned and dried
• Faucets cleaned with soap, wiped and dried
• Vanity fronts damp-wiped
• Mirrors cleaned
• Floors vacuumed / wet-mopped

All Rooms / Areas
• Dust ceiling fans
• General dusting (corners, along ceilings, flat surfaces, baseboards etc.)
• Fingerprints spot-removed
• Floors vacuumed (hardwood / carpets / tile)
• Hardwood floors damp-mopped and dried with microfiber pads
• Windows touched-up
• Trash emptied


Standard Cleaning

• 2x monthly – whole house – estimated range: $240-$260 per cleaning (1)(2)

(1) We’ll use your first two standard cleanings to calculate/average the time required to clean your home and set your price for future standard cleanings.
(2) Whole house defined as all (non-demand) areas listed above.

On-Demand Areas

• 1st floor guest bedroom / bathroom: $30
• Sunroom: $15
• Basement: TBD

Initial Cleaning

• Estimated minimum: $330 (3)(4)(5)

(3) Includes all (non-demand) areas listed above.
(4) Includes extra attention to kitchen/bathroom areas.
(5) Our initial cleaning is time-based, so if it takes us less time than the estimated minimum, we’ll only charge for the ACTUAL TIME SPENT CLEANING.

Pricing Notes

• To help keep your cleaning prices consistent, we require for the following:

1. Regular scheduling (every two weeks for bi-monthly or every 4 weeks for monthly).
2. Your assistance in maintaining a relatively consistent level of cleanliness between visits (our standard cleanings are thorough maintenance cleanings, not in-depth deep cleanings).
3. Adherence to agreed-upon areas and tasks. If you want extra tasks or areas, let us know at least a day before so we can update instructions and discuss any added fees.

• Changes in these factors or property conditions may require pricing adjustments for additional tasks or time.
• Visit our Customer Policies & FAQ page for more info.
• Estimate is valid for 30 days.


• Credit card automatically billed 1st of every month
• We charge 6% PA sales tax